Unleash the Power of Healing Inside of You!

Restoration Chiropractic has been serving St. Albert since 2001 (previously Throness Chiropractic). We are a busy and growing clinic. Our patients receive informative education and amazing results! Our main focus is restoring your spine to its originally designed shape, so your brain can properly communicate with your body for optimal healing. The most common reason people come to see us is pain. We usually find that pain is a result of trauma experienced years previously and the damage done is getting worse over time.

Healing is a process and we have tremendous experience walking people through this process. Pain doesn't just affect how you feel...it affects relationships, physical and recreational activities, mood, performance at work, ability to concentrate...almost every aspect of your life! As pain takes over more of your life, your world gets smaller and smaller. Play the tape forward 10-15 years and where will you be then? As you begin to heal, your life gets bigger and bigger and you get to do things you thought were lost to you. It is a wonderful feeling to start to hope that tomorrow can be better than today and areas of your life can be reclaimed again.

If you're not sure that we can help you, come in for an initial 15 minute consultation to discuss your concerns. We will not begin treatment until we know we can help. Click below and let's get the process started.