St. Albert, Edmonton Chiropractic Treatment

I am a primary health care provider. Therefore when you come to see me, I will either address your problem or find someone who can. As a chiropractor, I am a specialist in spinal and other musculoskeletal disorders. I am expertly trained to diagnose and treat the many musculoskeletal injuries that may occur - sometimes on the job, sometimes in a motor vehicle and sometimes in just living daily life.

Many people suffer from pain unnecessarily. When I look at your spine/body, I look for the reason you are having the problem. I want to eliminate the reason so your body can properly heal.

I treat all ages, from newborns to the elderly. I have had success with back pain, migraines and other headaches, neck pain and whiplash injuries, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand complaints, sciatica, sports injuries, knee, ankle and foot problems, as well as issues regarding bed-wetting, cholic and indigestion.

The nerves that supply your body's functioning and vitality come from your spine, so when vertebrae move out of place and put pressure on those nerves, your symptoms can vary tremendously. For example, if the nerve that tells you that you have a full bladder or enough stomach acid is "pinched" and the signal is not getting to the brain, then you have a problem that we have helped with time and again.

What to Expect

First Visit: The first visit takes approximately 60 minutes, which includes the consultation/case history and some orthopaedic and neurological tests (if applicable). This is to ensure that it's safe and appropriate to provide you treatment. I will analyze your spine for areas of concern, and in most cases I will request x-rays which are taken here in St. Albert and are unfortunately no longer covered by Alberta Health Care.

Subsequent Visits: The number of treatments necessary to heal is dependent on many factors, especially: length of injury duration, severity of misalignment, physical fitness, age, etc. When I have examined you and looked at your x-rays, I will know whether I can help you, how many treatments you will require and how much it will cost.

From there, what you do is up to you. A treatment usually consists of a series of adjustments that move the vertebrae toward their correct position. The procedure is generally painless unless you are in a lot of pain when you come in.

We are also pleased to offer our patients massage therapy, which can be an excellent addition to the chiropractic adjustment. Sometimes your overall body alignment is negatively impacted by foot dysfunction and poor foot biomechanics. Examples of symptoms that show such dysfunction are general foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back pain. Plantar fasciitis, calluses, corns, crossed over and malformed toes, bunions, heel pain/spurs and low arches or flat feet are other issues noted and assessed. We perform foot exams to create orthotics, uniquely tailored for your feet, that combat these conditions.

How will I feel afterward?

After your first treatment you will often feel sore, like you worked out too much, but most people feel better right away. Some people experience headaches or a 'bruised' feeling. This is considered normal but severe pain is not. Usually after you have been adjusted a few times, you won't experience negative post-adjustment reactions. This is because your bones will 'get used to' being in the right place. It's a little more complicated than that, however we can talk about it more in person.