Morinville Chiropractor – Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain and a reduction in normal physical mobility occur when the intricate structure of the knee becomes impaired or misaligned due to a variety of reasons. Injury, overuse, muscle tightness, joint degeneration and problems that actually began in the ankle, hip and foot, can often be linked to chronic knee pain. Unfortunately, many knee problems are misdiagnosed and treated with pain medications or unnecessary invasive procedures that may ultimately prove to be ineffective. Restoration Chiropractic chiropractors in Morinville are certified to provide an accurate diagnosis of your knee problem and design chiropractic care plans that alleviate pain and restore your mobility and qualify life.

Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by many issues that derive from degenerative joint conditions including arthritis, bursitis or untreated past injuries, weight gain and overuse through constant repetitive movement. Tendons, cartilage, and ligaments are subject to wear and tear and eventually the fluidity, flexibility and smooth functioning of the kneecap becomes limited. Rigorous sports activity and intense physical exertion is often a cause of chronic knee pain and related mobility problems. If not promptly treated, knee conditions will eventually result in degenerative joint disease and/or various forms of arthritis. A Restoration Chiropractic chiropractor will identify the source of your knee pain and provide chiropractic care treatment plans to re-establish proper muscle balance, reduce pain and restore mobility.

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

Spinal Adjustments For Knee Pain – The primary treatment for problems with the knee is to restore muscle balance to surrounding knee joints, tendons and ligaments by correcting existing misalignments. Restoration Chiropractic chiropractors provide spinal adjustments and a range of chiropractic techniques that address a range of knee problems. Although your pain has manifested in the knee many joint and muscle problems actually begin in the spine. Correcting spinal misalignments in our Morinville clinic is designed to release pressure on knee joints and reduces pain and inflammation after only a few treatments.

Traumatic Knee Injury – Sports that involve running and jumping can stretch the knee beyond the capacity of the ligaments that secure the joint. Tears, sprains and strains can result which and are also accompanied by intense muscle strain. If the specific knee cartilage (the menisci) is torn or severely damaged in a knee injury, surgery may be recommended. Visiting a qualified Restoration Chiropractic chiropractor for an assessment and professional advice regarding your knee injury is recommended to verify whether surgery can be avoided and to learn about balancing your body to allow natural healing to occur.

Evaluations at Our Morinville Clinic

Although standard treatment from a variety of healthcare practitioners involves pain medications to address knee pain; drug therapy is ineffective and can create a range of additional health concerns. Restoration Chiropractic provides qualified evaluations of the entire knee and structure including joints, ligaments, muscles and posture as well as possible links to other physical areas including the spine, ankles, hips and feet. Chiropractic care for knee pain also includes a review of your medical history for past injuries that may be related to knee pain as well as lifestyle recommendations that can facilitate healing and provide relief.