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I have spent several years with chronic lower back pain along with severe jaw pain resulting from rear-end collisions and a fall.

I have tried prescription painkillers, physiotherapy, acupuncture, cupping, IMS treatments and was referred to a dental specialist for a mouth guard all with little or no long-term results. I would feel good for a day or two sometimes only hours but it never lasted.

I met Dr. Kim Crickmay from Restoration Chiropractic at a trade event in St. Albert, where she took a picture of me to access my posture. I received her assessment through email with a follow up call to book a consultation to discuss my results and get full spinal x-rays.

The treatment schedule set out for me was going to take time and commitment in order for my body to get healthy. In the first couple of months my treatments were 4 times per week. I see Dr. Kim for adjustments 3 times per week with amazing results and I am only part way through the program set out for me.

Today through progressive treatments my jaw is no longer sore. I rarely sleep with my mouth guard and the simple task of opening and closing my mouth is reasonably pain free. The healing process on my back has just started and already I feel better. The constant pain has diminished significantly I have much better mobility with far less discomfort.

doctor explaining spine

With Dr. Kim Crickmay's help I am getting my life back and starting to enjoy the activities I once gave up.

Thank you Dr. Kim.

PS. The staff of Restoration Chiropractic are the best; always a smile and cheerful greeting.


I first met Dr. Kim Crickmay and Chiropractic Assistant Tonie at the November trade show at North Pointe Community Church. By the end of the year I was regularly receiving chiropractic care. Part of Dr. Kim’s program includes an information night. I brought my spouse. As we sat there listening he started ticking off mental boxes, “Yes, got that. Yup, that too!” By the end of the evening, he had also signed up for chiropractic care and we had introductory Christmas cards sent to each of our three adult daughters. One by one they each have started receiving chiropractic care. It is quite a sight when three of us are lined up on the family room floor doing our tractioning! Many of the issues that we have had, weak backs, sore necks and hips, inflexibility in our backs and hips, have all improved. My husband I are looking and feeling more youthful and the girls experience less pain thanks to Restoration Chiropractic care.


Can sleep through the night with no pain upon waking. -J.M.

No need for any medications. -S.L.

No jaw issues. -K.S.

Can change the radio station in the car with no pain. -J.M.

Headaches gone. -K.R.

63 years old and I grew one inch! - C.C.

Went from taking 6 extra strength Excedrin to no medications. -D.J.

67 years old and grew half an inch! -S.K.

For 10 years headaches occurred after physical activities and now no headaches. -G.G.

Lowered blood pressure with Chiropractic care. -C.P.

My heart function is back to normal. -M.S.

Pain free and able to move freely. - BM

For 11 years I could not garden. Now I can. -M.S.

Blood pressure returned to normal with Chiropractic care. -S.L.

Hand pain gone and grip strength returned. -W.L.

I've always had low back pain with my monthly cycles, but not this month. -J.S.

I feel better than I have in 15-20 years. -A.B.

I can lift my arm over my head again. -M.L.

For years hips would hurt when riding my motorcycle. Now it's comfortable. -A.W.

I could not do stairs. Now I can run up them! -K.A.

Eyes are not as sensitive to the light. I don't need to wear dark glasses. -Z.H.

I can swing a golf club and shoulder check without pain. -B.M.

Dizziness is gone. -M.J.

I can sleep on my right side now and could not for the past 20 years. -J.J.

Had neck pain for 12 years. Now after 9 months on care plan pain is gone. -K.S.

Years of severe pain with monthly cycle, improved. -J.S.

Zest for life and eyes less sensitive. -Z.H.

Sleep through the night and no headaches. -K.R.

No pain after walking. -J.S.

Had low back pain when standing but not any longer. -L.M.

I feel adventurous again. -T.W.

I am able to crawl on hands and knees for the first time in years. -K.C.

Neck no longer sore. -S.C.

I am able to do laundry for the first time in three years. -K.C.

Pain medication not required within first few treatments. -R.C.

Able to have hair washed at hair salon without pain. -J.V.

Can sit through a movie for the first time since I was 10 years old. -S.P.

Had migraines since the age of 8 but since beginning care, migraines are gone. -M.L.

Could not exercise for the last two years and now I can. -M.L.

Could not lie on my back for the last 20 years. Now I can. -Y.H.

Walked all of West Edmonton Mall, for the first time in a long time. -K.C.

Putting socks on in the morning is no longer a problem. -D.S.

Feels better at 75 years old than when 57. -W.L.

Back always used to hurt on the drive home from work. Now nothing. -B.G.

I have a lot more energy and no numbness. -K.P.

Went from 15 degrees of scoliosis to 1 degree. -D.J.

My carpal tunnel syndrome is gone. -J.G.

Numbness gone in foot. Able to walk and exercise again. -A.N.

Can have hair washed at hair salon without giving me a migraine. -K.C.

Can throw a ball again with my son, for the first time in 2 years. -M.L.

I can't remember the last time I had a headache. -K.C.

Opened a jar for the first time in a long while. -J.F.

Eye strain and migraine for years. Good for last 10 months. -Z.H.

Able to stand in church without holding onto the chair in front. -H.R.

Off pain killers for the first time in 2.5 years. -H.J.

Able to do shoulder press again for the first time in 1 year. -G.G.

I'm 74 and grew an inch in the last 3 months. Please don't make me any taller! -V.S.

29 years old and 40% increase in hand strength. -N.D.

Had four solid hours of sleep for the first time in a long time - L.B.

Enjoying walking again pain free. - H.C.

Can get out of car without experiencing low back pain. -P.V.

Worked in a bent position all day and had no pain or stiffness. -P.V.

Was able to do gardening without assistance. -N.S.

Able to participate in physical activities once again. 80% stronger. -T.W.

Able to descend stairs in forward position instead of sideways. -C.A.

Sleeping through the night with no pain. -A.Y.

For the first time in a long time I have no soreness in my back when waking up. -R.B.

Drove from Victoria to Edmonton with no back pain. -P.D.

My back muscles are stronger. I am now able to pick up something heavy without any strain. -P.V.

I have reduced my intake of pain killers. -K.D.

Increased range of motion and can now shoulder check. -H.S.

I can finally shovel snow this year with no pain. -M.S.

My hearing has improved. -A. Y.

First time I've had a great night sleep in a long time. -L.K.

Able to shovel the driveway with no headaches or back pain as a result. -K.C.

My recovery from very strenuous activity is much quicker since I started

chiropractic care. -R.B.

Could do work above head with more ease, for longer periods of time. -K.D.

Slept through the entire night for the first time in a long time. -C.N.

I worked for eight shifts and two doubles with no pain. -L.B.

Had no back problems or problems sleeping while on vacation. -J.Z.

Experienced 50% less pain on last long distance flight. -T. C.

I can stand for longer periods of time and I have improved circulation in my feet. -D.M.

Not experiencing daily headaches since starting chiropractic care. -T.C.

Was able to walk around Big Lake in the wetlands. I am reclaiming activities. -A.Y.

I have less pins and needles feeling in my right hand when driving. -M.B.

No hand cramping when typing. -M.B.

I was able to hike and mend a fence and it felt great! -M.S.

I have been pain free for the whole summer! -S.S.

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